Online Channel Manager Make Most Of Your Connected Channels

Dexterously handling all your booking sources, eZee Centrix is a compelling online hotel channel manager that effectively automates the process of online rates and inventory distribution and minimizing the hassles associated with overbooking and mismatched inventory.

Easy, swift and accurate online distribution service

Like the genie in a bottle, eZee Centrix - channel management software is the magical answer to all your online inventory distribution in a hotel. Automate online rates and inventory distribution with real-time updates on 100+ connected channels.

Instantly Manage all your Distribution Sites from a Single Platform

No matter if it is 2, 10 or 100; easily manage multiple connected channels through eZee Centrix.

Efficiently Utilize Complete Hotel Inventory

eZee’s channel management software updates all your data in real-time, thereby enabling you to benefit from utilizing your complete inventory online, without the fear of over-bookings.

Automatic Room Rate Updates for Maximum Profit

As per various conditions set by you, eZee system allows you to easily derive the best room selling rate for maximum profit.

Stop Sale at One Click

At the press of a button, instantly stop the sale of your live inventory on all connected channels.

Foreign Currency Rate Updates

Through eZee’s distribution ecosystem, accept payment even from non-native sources using foreign currency and convert the revenue in local currency.

Make Overbooking a Thing of the Past

Using the latest technology of eZee channel manager, we assure you that the issue of overbooking at your hotel would be a rare phenomenon.

Maintain Rate Parity without any Effort

Keeping the rate parity clauses in mind, our channel management software ensures that all changes updated in real-time, leaving one in a million chance for errors.

Get more: connect your hotel with 100+ travel portals

Our channel management system acts as a bridge between your hotel and numerous travel booking platforms increasing your online reach for higher booking contingency.

Benefit from our 100+ Connected Online Distribution Channels

eZee’s OTA synchronizer offers integrations with over a hundred online travel booking sites including OTA, GDS, Vacation Rentals and more.

Take Advantage of our Channel Manager API

Quickly and effortlessly connect your eZee channel manager with numerous 3rd party solutions for better hotel management.

Synchronization with Vacation Rental Portals

eZee will efficiently synchronize the Availability Calendar on leading vacation rental websites and allow you to get receive booking from this rising booking market.

Flawless Interface with Hotel Software and Booking Engine

The seamless integration of eZee inventory distributor with hotel PMS and booking system, enables you to update live inventory on connected channels.

Enumerated analytics and reports

Through eZee’s channel management system, easily analyse and quantify the success of connected channels as per the revenue and bookings received from them. Thus, further evaluating the future strategies and taking necessary measures.

OTA Commission / Billing Management

Easily manage numerous commission and bills associated with various connected channels as per the contract you sign with them.


Aiding you to get an efficient and strategic plan, eZee's channel manager provides you with detailed reports giving you real-time data of the hotel.

Audit Logs

Recording all the updates taking place in the system, the audit logs in eZee system ensure that your hotel data is always on record and secured.

Keep an Eye on your Competitor's Rate

Keeping in par with the live market scenario, eZee’s Rate Shopper Tool gives you live information of your competitors hotel room rates on connected OTAs.

Added to the complete distribution ecosystem

Our channel manager also offers numerous value-added features such 24x7 live support, exclusive account manager and more.

Exclusive Expert to Help you Anytime Anywhere

Devotedly looking after your property’s progress, your eZee appointed consultant will help you get the best returns on your investment.

Reap the Benefits of Mobile Channel Manager

In the fast world of mobile phones, eZee’s mobile channel manager allows you to practice all channel manager activities right from your smartphone.

Roll Over Updates

Ensuring that your hotel is bookable for the next 365 days from present day, the daily system performs a process called ‘Roll Over Date’.

Synchronizing Master and Derived Rate Plans

Our channel manager adjoins your hotel’s master and derived rate plans. Thus, any updates made on master rate plan, derived plan will replicate it.

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Few Words from our happy clients

I have been using Absolute PMS with a Channel Manager for some time now at my property, The Pacifico Colonial in Costa Rica. It is my pleasure to say that using the system has been easy and the connection from the OTAs to Absolute via the channel manager is problem free. Whenever I had any queries, the 24 hour support from eZee was always there to solve them. After so many years in the industry, I have yet to come across better support staff.

- Pacifico Colonial (Costa Rica)