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Encompassing assorted features of systematic restaurant management, eZee Optimus will let you take your restaurant to the next level through feature-rich and adaptive functioning. The cloud-based POS system will help you streamline your services while focusing on customer experience. Robust features like menu management, table reservation management and others will make your complex operations, easy to carry out on a daily basis.

Powerful Menu Management

Powerful Menu Management

Keeping a check on what you offer, at what time you offer and what rates you offer is a truly cumbersome task. eZee’s cloud POS system will let you create and manage seasonal as well as periodic menus at your eatery, helping you administer your complete menu with accuracy.
  • Arrange Multiple Menus

    Arrange Multiple Menus

    Create and manage multiple menus for your restaurant and render exceptional experience to your guests with options.

  • Customize The Menu Items

    Customize The Menu Items

    Modify the menus you created on-the-go and sort them however you deem fit under distinct conditions.

  • Activate and Deactivate Items

    Activate and Deactivate Items

    Activate or deactivate selected items from your menus as per the seasons and demands your eatery hosts.

There’s More In It

Quick Table Management

Quick Table Management

Assigning servers to a table and reaching at the right time to the customers to take their orders is the first step towards offering exceptional customer service. eZee Optimus online POS will administer the tables at your restaurant effortlessly, besides assigning servers by ensuring that your customers get timely services.
  • Assign Servers

    Assign Servers

    Allocate servers to occupied tables at your restaurant and oversee the services imparted to your guests right from the POS system.

  • Table Notifications

    Table Notifications

    Keep your staff members updated on the happenings on a table by selecting appropriate table notifications.

  • Guest Remark

    Guest Remark

    Don’t miss out on any special requests made by guest on a table through guest remarks.

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Accurate Billing

Accurate Billing

Billing operations of any business demand a lot of accuracy in tallying while mapping the cost of each ordered item. Considering the complexity of complimentary items and extra charges to be levied, the online POS system will align your tasks of billing and receipt generation through smooth navigation.
  • Settle Receipts

    Settle Receipts

    Settle receipts created by taking orders accurately through different payment options available in the cloud POS system.

  • Offer Discounts

    Offer Discounts

    Take another step towards incredible guest services by offering attractive discounts to your guests.

  • Levy Taxes

    Levy Taxes

    Levy and calculate exact taxes applicable in your region and map them on the receipts as your guests leave.

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Secure User Privileges

Secure User Privileges

When you’re running a business, security is a must. The pre-defined user privileges in the cloud POS system will help you safeguard your important data in the system by limiting the access to selected members at your restaurant.
  • Create User Roles

    Create User Roles

    Setup variety of user roles at your restaurant as per the levels of staff members you employ.

  • Grant Privileges

    Grant Privileges

    Allow limited privileges to the users accessing the restaurant POS system as per the role they play at your restaurant.

  • Track Activity Logs

    Track Activity Logs

    Keep a check on the activity that all of the users at your eatery perform while accessing the online POS system.

Keep Your Data Safe

Swift Reporting and Analysis

Swift Reporting and Analysis

Examining your daily revenue and determining your most profitable entree among your menu items becomes a mandatory task for your business. eZee Optimus restaurant management system will provide you with a variety of reports letting you analyze your stats on sales, stock and inventory.
  • Daily Reporting

    Daily Reporting

    Get a record of all the transactions happening at your eatery with the help of daily reports generated in the system.

  • Statistical and Sales Reports

    Statistical and Sales Reports

    Take a look at the sales received by your restaurant along with stats of favorite menu items and most ordered items.

  • Audit and Back-office Reports

    Audit and Back-office Reports

    Keep tabs on the updates carried out in menu items, orders along with user activity logs and back-office reports in the online Restaurant management system.

Unlock The Reports

Useful Modifier Configuration

Useful Modifier Configuration

The more guests you start getting in, at your eatery; the more demands you will have. This gradually opens you up to the customizations your guests may have for your menu items. Modifiers will let your guests shape up their favorite entrées with custom seasoning and taste, or by adding some extra toppings on their food. Modifier configuration feature of eZee Optimus will let you easily add such options corresponding to each menu item.
  • Organize Modifiers

    Organize Modifiers

    Put together varied modifiers items in their respective groups by using this feature of the cloud POS system.

  • Map To Menu Items

    Map To Menu Items

    Map each modifier and modifier group to their corresponding items, making it easy for the servers to provide options to your guests.

  • Order Customization

    Order Customization

    Give a chance to your guests to customize their orders with their preferred modifiers while you impart your services.

Customize Your Orders Now

Chain of Restaurants

Chain of Restaurants

Having a chain of restaurants spread across separate locations gets difficult to manage as they start drawing in more guests everyday. Making it easy for you to administer your chain of restaurants from a single login, the cloud POS system will bring the operations of your complete chain together, letting you keep track of them simultaneously.
  • Configure and Manage Outlets

    Configure and Manage Outlets

    Create and configure your chain of outlets in the cloud POS and take care of all your operations from the dashboard.

  • One-stop Supervision

    One-stop Supervision

    Govern all your outlets, wherever they are located, just from a single login and keep a check on their operations remotely.

  • Regulate User Acces

    Regulate User Access

    Manage the operations that your staff members can access at your chain of restaurants simultaneously.

Manage Your Chain Easily

Functional Order Management

Functional Order Management

Providing versatile features of order and course management, eZee Optimus online POS will let you compose extensive courses of whichever cuisines you offer. Right from appetizers to main course and desserts, you’ll be able to manage everything and more conveniently in dine-in and take away operations.
  • Dine-in and Takeaway

    Regardless of the ordered entrées, the cloud POS will let you perform dine-in and takeaway order operations effortlessly.

  • Course-based Dine-in Orders

    Take a step towards improved guest experience by swiftly managing dine-in orders for different courses available in your restaurant.

  • Optional Order Taking Measures

    Let the servers take orders from each table or from each guest on the table, as the situation demands.

Start Taking Your Orders

Convenient Templating System

Convenient Templating System

When you are busy handling a recognized restaurant at your end, you need to find ways to automate your atomic operations too. eZee’s cloud POS will offer you this feature of streamlined templates, which will help you create your customized email and receipt templates and make the most of them through easy and quick billing operations.
  • Make Use of Customized Templates

    Generate customized email and invoice templates for your restaurant to offer a personalized experience to your guests.

  • Billing Made Easy

    Make use of the ready-to-use templates that you create in the system for rapid transactions, easing the billing process of your guests.

  • Clear Printing Operations

    Regardless of the templates you use for invoice, you’ll be able to get them printed effortlessly by the integration of the system and printer.

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I have been using Absolute PMS with a Channel Manager for some time now at my property, The Pacifico Colonial in Costa Rica. It is my pleasure to say that using the system has been easy and the connection from the OTAs to Absolute via the channel manager is problem free. Whenever I had any queries, the 24 hour support from eZee was always there to solve them. After so many years in the industry, I have yet to come across better support staff.

- Pacifico Colonial (Costa Rica)